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Category:Health-related organizationsA model for the adsorption of nitrate onto ferrous minerals. The adsorption of nitrate (NO3(-)) on minerals plays an important role in the disposal of mine drainage and in the fate of nitrogen in contaminated aquifers. The adsorption of NO3(-), and adsorption and desorption on ferrous (Fe(II)) minerals is of particular importance, as Fe(II) is a common component of the authigenic minerals of mine drainage. Here, we present a model for the adsorption of NO3(-) on ferrous minerals, including the contribution from sorption to dissolved Fe(II). The model is based on lab experiments and thermodynamic considerations of the surface reaction between NO3(-) and sorbed Fe(II). The combined effects of surface complexation, surface ion exchange, and desorption on the precipitation of iron hydroxides are incorporated in the model. The model predicts the speciation of NO3(-) and Fe(III) at the solid-solution interface and in solution as a function of solution ionic strength and NO3(-) concentration. The model fits well the experimental speciation for ferrous minerals, as well as the experimental data for the adsorption of NO3(-) and the precipitation of iron hydroxides from aqueous solutions. A surface complexation constant K = (2.3 ± 0.4) × 10(5) M(-1) for the sorption of NO3(-) on ferrous minerals is estimated from the model.Q: Do other people have to see me to make me get better? I play a video game, and I have a classifier for Pokémon. I was watching a tutorial video for the classifier, and the trainer is explaining how to make it better by pressing A to see what the classifier does, and D to make it more specific. The trainer says that I can't see anything else until I press A, and that I have to get the classifier to "see" me in order to get better at it. I think that this is a lie. I don't see anything wrong with the video, and I've done the classifier quite a few times, and still no improvement. I also have no idea what the trainer is talking about. Is there anything wrong with the way that I'm playing the game? A: The





Nudist Miss Junior Beauty Pageant Contest 10

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